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Happy Chinesse New Year 2559

Gong xi Fat cay


Happy Nu Year 2009

Happy Nu Year 1009


Tanggal 27 Oktober diperingati sebagai hari Blogger Indonesia. Dengan diakuinya keberadaan para blogger di indonesia, membuat para blogger merasa lebih bebas dalam mengekspresikan berbagai mood mereka ke dalam tulisan, tetapi tetap berpedoman pada aturan-aturan yang ada. So, “Selamat Hari BLOG Nasional”.

Feast Day of Ramadhan

Fest Day of Ramadhan

Fest Day of Ramadhan


By the Name of Allah, I greatful thanks, for an opportunity to celebrate a holy day, victory day …

Idul Fitri 1429 H.

LiQUOS Over … FEELLOW Rising

     Three months ago, my previous band ‘LiQUOS’ decide to ended its music journey. Each personal had their own reason,such as want to be Rock N Roll with his friend’s band, want to be free people, want to be study outside the city. I was shocked, because we are so solid on friendship. how could it happenned? But I didn’t think it too much, because  some day ago before we declarate to be over, some band asked me to joined their project. They are indie band and the others are entertain band. But I still feel comfort with Liquos.

     When I went to Jakarta, Ferdy (vocalist) sent me an SMS. He asked me to joined with his band. I think he made brand new band with his friends. It was shocked me when I met all the personal of his band. They are : Pandu (drum), Adhit (bass), Ferdy (vocals). They are all the member of Liquos. I felt comfort to played with them. When I asked for the guitarist, they said TEDDY as the guitarist. He is our best friend. He ever played with Liquos before as additional player.

     We decided to made a brand new name for this band. We called “FEELLOW”. It means that we must be feel low although we are skillful & success musician.

     We ever redorded a song called “INDAHNYA CINTA”, composed by Adhit, before Liquos over. We had a plan to recorded our next single which made by Adhit when we over. The song called “TAK PERNAH MENYADARI”. it recorded at July 31st 2008, at AA RECORD Malang. It’s a very sweet song. I hope it will be a symbol of second born of Liquos with brand new name “FEELLOW”. For the next, we want to be success Indonesian music overall.

“When the Fight be my Blood”

This is my first time talk with internet,

Last week, i spent my full weekday in Jakarta regarding with my mission to exploration of life and try to find where the truth can i see, since life not give me how the life must begin …..

I start my exploration when I alone in my seat inside the Gajayana train, I see life run as slow as train moving from Malang to Jakarta through the dark tunnel of KarangKates. When I saw life from the window, even i see how deep of the complexity of the life came to everyone, and I’m the little bit of the part of the word felt that all of my last life filled with useless happiness and just explore my egoism.

Music give me peacing and always keep my soul into my circle. My circle develop among the warm love and dream. All of my dream came from how I see the success must be in my hand, but i see the dream still arrogant to came just say hello to me.

But I still confident when I see the railway always snaking as long the journey that the success always keep his promise to the struggle man !

And that is i will be !!!!!