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Jakarta CPNS Part 1


The journey began on Saturday, October 5th, 2013, using KA Bima (train) from Surabaya Gubeng Train Station. Old train but quite comfortable, though out-of-ordered automatic door cause railway noise crawl inside train. Departs at 6.15 PM and arrival scheduled on 7:28AM. I moved to Restorka (Dining Train) in 2:00 AM, I can’t stand with this hungry, this cold cause starving, I speed up my steps to get there faster. Fried rice and hot tea are my best choice to heal that, Alhamdulillah 😀

Travelling alone by myself but not really alone, I met my friend, Arista, news reporter of JTV, whom apparently has the same purpose as me, she has a CPNS test in Kemenlu / Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Sunday. Geez, having test on Sunday not definitely be fun :s but that’s what she must do, right? haha 😀









I arrived on Gambir at 8:00, late as usual :-s . I talked with Arista while waiting for my brother picked me up, he picked me up half an hour later then moved to Car-Free-Day Sudirman. Geez, they got there to jogging, me? I wore thick t-shirt and jeans for jogging, are you kidding me? Huff forget it, i just wanna took a photograph. Very crowd there, there’s a lot of people sells everything, such as key chain, sticker, food and beverages. We walked to Bundaran HI, far enough by the way, but it was fun, see a lot of people with their various shape (hahaha 😀 ) and also various outfits. They liked to be limelight by dressing something eccentric, such as dressing something funny. We went home when the sun get higher, body was sweaty, and tired feet. Not forgotten, we performed breakfast first before returning home.

















First thought when I went to Jakarta is my nephew and niece 😀 they are so miss-able. Play with them was an effective way to kick-up any stress and habitual problematique ({}) spent my spare time to play with them, accompany them to the walk way out, went to Bogor, they made my day. But i know..i know..i have to study to face my test tomorrow..fight, fight, fight ^o^9

The Day is coming! October 7th, 2013, my test..oh my test..feels like big day, but i act like nothing happen, but u know i felt nervous :-s found new persons, make new friends. Test scheduled on 2:00 PM, but i already went in 11:00 AM, as you know, the traffic was crazy. I arrived at the venue, Kantor BAPPEDA / City’s Development Planning Board Office, on 1:00 PM, so I pray Dzuhur and lunch then perform registration. The commission gave some brief including any electronic not allowed during test. Gosh, how can I do Math test without calculator? I’m weak on Math (so honest), but I better in English B-) see? unfortunately English not icluded.

IMG-20131007-01280The test began at 2:00 PM, held in a room with 90 participants, using CAT (Computer Assisted Test). CAT is a system which provide test material and the result stored on database directly. Developed by BKN using ASP.Net. One of the advantage is participants can see their score immediately, the system did the scoring for each answered question. The test was held for 90 minutes with 100 questions, Pretty dizzy as well 😀 . I met Math, History, Citizenship, and Bahasa Indonesia. Pretty hard enough to remember the lessons that I once learned in school many years ago, but there’s no score decrement for each wrong answer, so I can breathe a little sigh of relief 😀 Feel so stupid when I met Math, wanna cry loudly in that room, all I have to do is deep breathe and stay cool..haha B-) . The Test has been completed, I got 286, Alhamdulillah my rank was 36 from 90 participants in same session.

IMG-20131007-01294xTest is over, time to back home, back to the reality..haha, the reality is I had to back to Surabaya soon after test because I had to work next day, means I had to start to work straight in second when I already landed on Surabaya, Geez.

I moved to Gambir Train Station, I don’t wanna be late and miss my train. My watch shows 5 PM, means that I have to wait my train for the next 4,5 hours, my trains scheduled depart on 9:30 PM. Just think, how bored am I alone in this station. I called my friends who stay in Jakarta to accompany me during wait, over coffee, donuts, or fried fries, unfortunately they are so busy at work, yeaa it was Monday, ‘MONster  DAY’, everybody become a monster in every Monday..haha..but not happen for me, I always be charm everyday..hahaha 😀 that’s what my Mom said ._.” yeaa my Mom only =)))








My train, Argo Bromo Anggrek Malam, arrived at 9:15 PM. It’s been a long time for me to go with this train, also my favourite train. Think back on few years ago when I was 6th grade, be my first time travelled with this train with my family, not really changed, the change is my body, is bigger now, just remember how hard for me to reach the front foot-rest on the train seat 😀 . Now that train designed for Go Green Campaign, we can’t find pink border on it window. Inside train, quite comfortable, the seat and environment not changed much, to the extent of it parfume still in the same variant 😀 I like the smells. At 9:00 PM it departs from Gambir heading to Surabaya Pasar Turi. Took an enough rest during trip, sometimes my tummy thrasing to feed, then I moved to Restorka to get some meals. Tuna Fried Rice and hot tea is my best friend, fried rice taste much better than my trip before using Bima.








Soo…that’s what I want to share, hope it will be a great opportunity for me and my future. I believe that there is nothing useless in this world, no matter how small our efforts, I’m sure it will be useful someday. Keep fight ^o^9 and please pray for me, so that I can continue this become Jakarta CPNS Part II, you know what’s coming ^_^


How Surprised I am when I opened Official Jakarta Government Website. I submitted my resume to become PNS (Pegawai Negeri Sipil / Civil Servants) for DKI Jakarta Government recruitment few days ago, and Alhamdulillah I pass the first stage, Administration selection, and I had to do the test to pass the next stage. My parents feel proud and happy, they gave me 100% support and pray, they gave 100% so my passion must be more than 200% ^o^9 . I wrote this passage to share how insteresting of my trip, travelling by train is more interesting for me although it took more time (and cheaper too,than plane :-p ), meet my miss-able niece and nephew, my brother, my sister, walking around the city, got the test, meet a lot of people, making a new friends, and hopely making new hope, good wish in a better life 🙂