Pianokid ® SmartBoy

Let The Music Run Into Your Eyes

When my body moved to dark blind corridor. It’s so hard to found an empty seat. In that case, I had to read & understood every words in my rule of life paper. I can see hundred misunderstood word, my job is find more dictionary of life, to accompany me in the life journey. My eyes catched the word written, ‘music’. I tried to know that is it and how it grow up in life. The functions are : stabilized between right-mid-left brain, emotion control, think rationally, and sensitive person. I’ve been learn it all since 10 y.o. I heard someone told that music just a hobby, but I don’t think so. It’s so complete me, every mood I talked with my awesome synthesizer X50 of Korg. It’s the best StressRecovery I ever had. It know the best solution for me, answering all my simple question with a complex answer. Exploring my life in every tone is the key to unlocking my secret intention in my heart.


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