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Stage position is one of more important things for musician’s best performance on the stage. Not only for performance support, but also producing balance sound. Balanced sound on stage makes mixed output sound better. The musicians enjoy for playing, they feel what they have mostly do for each equipment.


Toto is a band with unique music genre. They are combining

some music elements, such as : pop, rock, soul, funk,

progressive rock, R&B, and jazz, making them appeal to a variety

of musicians and non-musician listeners. They mostly played

progressive rock with both romantic and jazz touching.

see the illustration below

Simon Phillips (drum position, right back side) mixed his sound with Leland Sklar (bass, right front side) as a main chord determinant and produce low sound. Tony Spinner (guitar, front right side) is a chord executor which produce by bass, and Steve Lukather (vocals/guitar, front center) job are sing, play lead guitar, and chord executor too. He is the front man in the band. Greg Phillinganes (keyboards, left back side) is filling person who fill an empty sound which Luke and Tony do. He is the second front man in this band and play lead keyboard too. The last Bobby Kimball (vocals, front center) job just sing with fully responsibility of all played music.

Toto’s music style is some jazz touch in every song. The sound must be intact on harmonic way. It means that drum and bass have to played in the same way beside guitar and keyboard play chord and sang by vocalist.


The third generation of Progressive Rock

after Toto and Rush. Playing pure Progressive

Rock with Metal touch. The characteristics are

complex and solid melody with less vocals.

Some listener disturbed by long instrument

section, fast melody, and repeated tone, in

particular songs just instrumental. To solve the

problem, Dream Theater has interesting way to

create the best sound on the stage. They want

flatten player position to make merged flatten









see the illustration below



Mike Portnoy (drum & percussion, center back side) controlling all musical movement on the band. He is band front man. Jordan Rudess (keyboards, left back side) as a mid-high sound must be balanced with John Myung’s mid-low sound (bass, front left side), John Petrucci (guitar, front right side) is both rhythmic and lead person who produce low-mid-high sound from his guitar. James LaBrie (vocals, center front side) singing with fully responsibility of played music.

DT’s music style is some progressive rock with metal material touch, Instrumentfully, and more speed tone. The sound produce must be flat on stage with some loud lead session. The balancer of low-mid-high located in left and right side with drum control.

See, how important they are. For performance supporter and balance sound. Watch their all live video, you’ll saw the same stage postion in every live.

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  1. Boni

    Great analyze bro..i mean,u’re so sensitive about those things.i’m still waiting your more awesome analyze. “take care bro”

    September 19, 2008 at 7:15 am

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