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PENCIT on Vacation

     PENCIT Gank is a boys community of stout stomach. They are Phin, P-Man, Jo, Andre and D’by.Our job is done homework or campus job together, hangout, social action, joking, laugh together, share about any experience-job-friends-girls, watched movies. Our headquarter on Tidar. We do all the best there.


     On August 23rd, 2008, Phin-P-Man-Jo and Andre got our vacation. We went to vacationvaganza on Prigen, Desa Ledog. There was a hilly place with truly fresh air. We stayed at Andre’s house, we called Andre’s villa, coz’there was a white big house with a large yard. Andre & his mother have been stayed there since long time. We had done some interesting job, such as played music on band, adventure on pine forest, down hill & up hill, and many more.


     On Saturday night we spent the time by symphony of Agustusan music and a cup of coffee. We talked with countryside head. He said that this event held annually. All resident supported this event. Coincident, Andre is the committee chief. So, he was so busy.


     In the morning, we woke up earlier to walk around the forest. It is behind Andre’s villa. We can deep breath of unpolluted air, view some beautiful scenery, hills, pine forest. We go to the river which streamed transparent water far away. We wash our feet, and took few minutes to feel the water coldness, and letting some little fish bit our feet. We had done all the things that we can’t found on city. We bored with polluted air, dirty water, crowds traffics.


     We just ever said that ‘Stop Global Warming’. We saw a hope for stopping global warming widely open. It started from now, by ourself.



One response

  1. Boni

    Next time,asked me to joined your vacation! “take care”

    September 19, 2008 at 7:19 am

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