Pianokid ® SmartBoy

“When the Fight be my Blood”

This is my first time talk with internet,

Last week, i spent my full weekday in Jakarta regarding with my mission to exploration of life and try to find where the truth can i see, since life not give me how the life must begin …..

I start my exploration when I alone in my seat inside the Gajayana train, I see life run as slow as train moving from Malang to Jakarta through the dark tunnel of KarangKates. When I saw life from the window, even i see how deep of the complexity of the life came to everyone, and I’m the little bit of the part of the word felt that all of my last life filled with useless happiness and just explore my egoism.

Music give me peacing and always keep my soul into my circle. My circle develop among the warm love and dream. All of my dream came from how I see the success must be in my hand, but i see the dream still arrogant to came just say hello to me.

But I still confident when I see the railway always snaking as long the journey that the success always keep his promise to the struggle man !

And that is i will be !!!!!


One response

  1. kamendinand

    wow…really seurious on making d blog header??


    BTW, know how 2 change wordpress layout ? with the layouts that already at d web??

    August 31, 2008 at 8:31 am

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